Virtual Masons creates the technology that powers Reel Security, the industry-leading providers of on-set security services.
Our apps are used by thousands of users at hundreds of top productions and studios around the world.

Our Apps

Given how intense and fluid film production is, scaling a company that supports lots of productions is no easy task, and most don’t even try. At Reel Security we serve hundreds of shows across multiple regions thanks to a robust ecosystem of proprietary apps. These include apps for production clients, a scheduling platform that helps our staff find the right people for a job, and apps for guards and supervisors to get work and coordinate their efforts in the field.

Reel Security

Reel Security boasts the first and most advanced, custom, online solution; tailored specifically to the ever-changing logistics of protection services.

Guard Stat

With Guard Stat - Daily Guard Card Status Checking, you will receive a report every morning with the status of all of your security officer licenses.

AI Scheduler

Client preference and team building intelligent personnel software, and HR integrated scheduling system. Built for complex personnel management solutions.

Guard Assist

RSC mobile security guard application is a real-time guard activity tracker that simplifies a security officer's daily logs and patrols, while providing live reporting to our home office and clients alike.

The Team

Virtual Masons is a remote-first, small technology team serving over 1000 employees across Reel Health and Reel Security, and we like to think we are able to get the best of both of those worlds. Each member of the team contributes a lot both to the businesses we serve and to our practices, which we are constantly working to iterate on and refine. We try to get together as a team a few times a year either for a conference or at our offices in LA where we get a chance to meet with clients, work shoulder to shoulder and do some fun team activities. If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out!

David Randall

VP Product & Design

Orion Schemenauer

Principal Software Engineer

Joseph Bridgwater-Rowe

Principal Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Daniel Golosow

Principal Software Engineer

Hanna Norris

Product Designer